About Us


Melissa Visconti, LMHC

Melissa Visconti, MS, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been in practice since 2010. Melissa has her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies from St. John’s University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Michigan State University.  She also graduated with distinction with her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Hofstra University.  Before devoting her time to private practice, Melissa worked in several local Mental Health clinics helping adolescents and adults with a range of mental health issues.

Currently, Melissa works with a variety of adolescents and adults who struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, self-esteem, body image, and eating disorders.   In providing treatment, Melissa conducts individual, family, group and marriage therapy.  Melissa implements cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing, DBT skills, and takes a holistic approach to helping others deal with troubles in their lives.  She often works in collaboration with other professionals to help provide the best care and solutions for her clients.

Melissa has participated in Mental Health conferences and seminars. She was a presenter at the American Mental Health Counselors Association Conference discussing body image and adolescents.  Melissa is affiliated with the American Mental Health Counselors Association.

Allison Milana-Trinka, MSEd

Allison holds a limited permit to practice as a mental health counselor. Allison earned her M.S.Ed from Fordham University in Counseling and Personnel Services and recently completed an advanced certificate in clinical mental health counseling from Long Island University. In addition to working with adult clients Allison has held various roles supporting children, adolescents, and young adults and is trained in career counseling and college planning. Fred Rogers said “When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” Allison believes that we all have complex feelings and sometimes we need help to express and manage our emotions. Allison works with her clients to help them increase their emotional intelligence and to learn tools for managing life’s stressors so that they can lead healthier, happier lives.

Christopher Giglio, Intern/Office Assistant

Christopher Giglio is a graduate of St. John’s University in Queens, NY, where he earned his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice & Homeland Security Leadership. Chris is currently working as an intern and assistant for the office. He is responsible for reminding all patients of their appointments, alongside aiding Melissa with the process of insuring that all patients are effectively and efficiently cared for.  Chris is a strong promoter of teamwork and feels that it is necessary in order to achieve success.  Chris has been working with Melissa since November of 2017 and they have proven to be a strong duo ever since.  Through his dedication and hard-work, Chris always strives to make executive decisions based on the patient’s best interest.  He looks forward to meeting with more patients and assisting them in any way possible!

Danielle Rodier, M.S.

Danielle holds a limited permit to practice as a mental health counselor. Danielle earned her M.S. from Long Island University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Danielle interned for Melissa from September of 2020 to August of 2021 and in that time has accumulated experience in supporting children, adolescents, young adults, and middle-aged adults. Danielle has 1 year of experience working with LGB, transgender and non-binary individuals at a non-profit organization on Long Island as well. Danielle implements a humanistic approach to assisting others with their troubles in their lives and believes that a therapist is a support and guide for individual’s who are the experts of their own lives. Danielle utilizes therapeutic approaches within third wave therapy, such as DBT and ACT. Carl Rogers once said, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”. Danielle strives to prioritize acceptance, mindfulness, and personal values so that individual’s can learn to focus on the context, process and function of how they relate to their internal experiences.

Yasemin Ozdemir, Intern

Yasemin is a certified school counselor who had recently graduated from Long Island University in Brookville, NY. Yasemin is now working on completing her Advanced Certificate in Mental Health Counseling. She is currently working as an intern for the office. Yasemin has acquired experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults. She has previously created a girls group for adolescents struggling with self-esteem building by giving her support in teaching positive self-talk, boundary settings, and developing friendships with others. She has provided counseling to those struggling with anxiety and depression by incorporating mindfulness and deep breathing techniques during her sessions.  Yasemin also has experience working with children on the spectrum as she formerly was a teacher assistant who provided Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy. Her previous experiences taught her to become compassionate and understanding. These experiences allow her to become a future, well-rounded licensed therapist.